Organizational Consultation Paper

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Organizational Consultation Paper

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Public Relations

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You will be writing a public relations consultation paper where you suggest improved communication for an organization. You pick the organization but it needs to be campus or local. Could be a campus group or club. It could be a small business in your town. It just needs to a group where you could contact the leader/leaders. Phone/email contact is fine. Talking to a person involved with the group (preferably a leader), you will need to find out about their communication needs (social media, flyers, press, events, etc.). This will be different for each group. For example, a philanthropic group may be doing a charity event that they want social media to support. A new club may be seeking out interested potential members. It varies. Your role is to construct a strategy for the group according the items outlined below. You will then write this up in a 5-7 page paper (app. 1250-1750 words). Paper Structure: (PLEASE USE THESE HEADINGS IN THE PAPER!!! NECESSARY TO KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED!!!) Situation (use this heading): You need to provide a description of the group you are consulting. You should also briefly explain the challenges/opportunities they face in the current environment. You should also assess their current communication such as their social media use, flyers, events they’ve done, etc. (success, failures, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, etc.). A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis might be a good here. Objectives (use this heading): What goals would the organization have for the communication they put out? In talking with people in the organization, you need to know what they want their communication to accomplish. How can it help them meet other organizational objectives? What benchmarks would be a good measure for their communication success? Tactics/Audience (use this heading): In this section, you will need to explain what channels of communication you would recommend using (social media, flyers, events, etc.). You need to show what kind of content you would be creating for these channels. You also need to identify how this content would support the organization’s objectives AND how the content/channel is the best fit for the audience they are trying to reach. Any mock-up samples that you can create would help to visualize your tactics in this section (i.e. sample tweets, screen capture of your idea for a facebook page, detailed description of an event they should do, etc.). What communication things can they do to achieve objectives? Link to Course Content (use this heading): Finally, you need to link your overall approach to AT LEAST five SPECIFIC concepts we’ve discussed in class. Please put these in BOLD or underline them when using the term from the course. Be sure to define them, as well (word for word from the readings is fine here). You need to show why they are important. You also need to show how your campaign enacts these concepts for the benefit of the organization’s communication (i.e. why this would be a good thing achieving the stated objectives).

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