Pizza Case Study

Angelo’s Pizza explores the importance of establishing human resource (HR) practices as its organization expands. After success with one store, Angelo decides to open two new stores and is considering opening more stores or franchising. At the same time, he wants to focus on serving only high-quality fresh ingredients. However, the pizza joint experiences some HR challenges including high turnover and other staffing problems.
Many of the workers he has hired are friends of the family. Some are going to college. Others are single parents. None of the workers he has hired has any restaurant or cooking experience. They call in sick frequently. Joe, his most valuable employee, threw his hands up in frustration and walked out. “You got to train these bozos!” were Joe’s last words to Angelo as he threw his apron in the trash. Angelo consults you for help with recruiting, selection, and hiring. Angelo believes he needs better recruitment and selection practices, but he has a hard time saying no to family. To assist Angelo, please help him with the following questions.
1. What are three specific HR management implications of Angelo’s current strategy (including specific policies and practices)?
2. Identify and briefly discuss five specific human resource management errors that Angelo is currently making.
3. Develop a structured interview form that Angelo can use for hiring (1) store managers, (2) wait staff, and (3) counter people/pizza makers.
4. Based on what you know about Angelo’s, and what you know from having visited pizza restaurants, write a one-page outline showing specifically how you think Angelo’s should go about selecting employees.

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