Run My Original Dissertation Through and make all suggested changes to ensure I can submit it to my committee (already defended) for publication

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Run My Original Dissertation Through and make all suggested changes to ensure I can submit it to my committee (already defended) for publication

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11/10/2020 9:50:33 AM

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11/15/2020 23:59



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60     Double-spaced (13500 words)

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Dissertation Chapter-Editing

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Hello:I am receiving information and bids through inbox messages. Someone ran my paper through and it received a 21% similarity report. To clarify, all I need is from someone to edit/paraphrase any flagged material so that it doesn’t show up as plagiarized. From the messages I received, this will take 4-6 hours. I currently make 40 an hour as a post doc and I’m drowning in student debt. If you are able to update and reduce your bid, please do so.


Thank you for your revised bid. How much extra would you charge to address these comments as much as you can (from the Pepperdine affiliated editor)? I have included the comments below and I’m attaching the dissertation for your reference.Some notes:(1) As I said, I ended up not doing the appendix of authors … I did work on it but as I shrunk the columns it made the headings move down too, so the headings for the columns were not at the top of the page … I think it’s best if you fix that first and Pepperdine does want them within the margins. perhaps speak to the Writing Center to see if there is any leeway. Someone should have told you before this …(2) I did readjust the spacing on the title page and put those pages before CH 1 in Roman numberals; also worked on the table of contents (TOC); I did remove Level 3 headings from the TOC…not necessary and a lot of work to put them in correctly at this point;(3) I removed the running head; not required per Pepperdine; check with Writing Center if a reader questions that;(4) You have some missing references: (a) Fabrega 1989, (b) Adler & Foster 1992 … maybe one or two others? Not sure, if so, I noted in the right margin. They will need to be put into the Ref List;(4) I deleted items not cited from the Ref LIst. The reader had noted those. I double checked on most of them. Yeah, not there. APA only lists cited references in Ref List. You can have an additional Bibliography if you want to include other works important to your research;(5) The Pepperdine reader did a decent job in reviewing your disseration for th “first look pdf.”” But I found quite a number of mistakes and incorrect advice. Such as:(a) In th APA citations in the Ref List. Seventh edition has made some changes for how to cite APA documents and also when the author is same as publisher; I fixed these per Seventh Ed.;

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