Week 11 Discussion 1-Stephen Paye

Provide a substantive response to at least one colleague about their conversation. Please reply to Stephen as if you are having a conversation with him.

Communication of the Implications of Correctional Policies

policies are clearly written and concise directives which govern the
conduct of staff, offenders as well as the community involved in
corrections. They are necessary to curb issues that arise due to
liabilities in administration, standards of accreditation, case law and
as support for professional behaviors (NICIC). However, in the past few
years, the correctional policies put in place in the United States led
to an unexpected upsurge of people locked up.

Even though
there are more men than women in these incarcerations, the rate of
increase of women incarcerations have been higher. The correctional
policies have contributed to great disparities in the health of white
and colored incarcerated women, a factor that provides ground for policy
change. Prison misconduct rates are also affected by these policies as
noted by a survey by the SISCF. Visitations were seen to substantially
reduce misconduct among the inmates. Correctional policies not only
affect the conduct of individuals in the facilities but also affects
their transitioning into the society (Freudenberg). Hence, it is prudent
to say that to have successful outcomes in our correction procedures,
proper and research-based policies have to be developed and implemented.

Foster, a medical practitioner in the United States was the individual
selected to receive the communication above about the impact of
correctional policies as discussed. He showed significant knowledge
about the criminal justice system to its close association with the
medical and health departments. Hence, his reaction to the communication
above was that of acknowledgment. He went on to give some of his own
insights on the implications especially those of visitations and how the
affected integrated back to society.

However, it
is important to always begin with a definition of what you are talking
about to ensure that there is an understanding between you and the
person you

to. It is quite common to find people who have no idea of the workings
of the justice system as well as policies used in corrections


Freudenberg. Adverse Effects of US Jail and Prison Policies on Health
and Well-Being of Women of Color. December 2002, 92 (12): 1895-1899.
Available at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC14473…

NICIC. Correctional Policy and Procedure. The United States Department of Justice. 2018. Available at https://nicic.gov/correctional-policy-and-procedur…

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