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There are various things that I have learned from the course as far as business information systems are concerned. Firstly, I have learned that business information system helps managers to carry out their work effectively in any organization. Secondly, information systems need to be monitored closely at all times since they have a role in the well-being of the organization and they need a frequent upgrade. Lastly, the information system must be integrated with the business strategy since that is the only way through which the organization can benefit from technology.

There are trends in business information systems that impact organizations, and they include data collection automation which helps in the collection of online and real-time data. This is essential since it makes data collection easy than ever before. Information analysis automation is another trend which deals with data analysis whereby by a systems analyses data automatically (Currier, 2010). The system will also generate a report which can be used in decision making. These trends are essential as they will have an impact in the next five years.

Organizations can employ technology and business information systems to promote positive social change within an organization through improving working relationship. Through technology, it’s easy for the organization to develop excellent customer relationship which will help the organization to attract new customers and retain current customers (Drnevich & Croson, 2013). Business information systems assist in managing the operations of the organization whereby the flow of information from one department to another is faster than ever before. For example, the use of email for communication purposes helps the organization to send share information at a faster rate.


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he 2-3 things I have learned from this course are:

The importance of using and managing information and information systems within the organization. Information technology matters to business success because it directly affects the mechanism through which they create and capture value to earn profit: IT is thus integral to a firm’s business-level strategy. (Drnevich &Croson, 2013). Managing information and information systems are great decision making for organization because your information is accurate and update and allowing your organization to be confident in their company. Also, data control is important for companies because of stability and safety over their information systems. Secondly, security, privacy, and ethics. These three things are important in organizations because computers are what we use for work, personal, and how organization big or small operate business. Consumer privacy should protect users information such as demographics, credit card information, and bank information. Computers hackers are famous for breaking in systems and stealing personal information that cost organizations lost of money if they are not protected by the correct business systems. Employees should always have the most recent code of conduct training with the organization. Employees should has be aware of their behaviors so they do not harm the reputation of the organization they work.

Two trends in business information systems:

Two trends in business information systems are Web/Social Media and Cloud computing. Cloud computing enables companies to share, store, and consume resources easier. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) will model enable this trend by offering not only standard applicant packages but also customized applications delivered via new architectures to clients over the web. (Andriole, 2012). The use of cloud computing organizations can improve operations, customer support while saving on the cost. Web/Social is growing in the 20th century tremendously. Organizations use social media and the web to marketing business, hire employees, and promote their brands are all used from social media. The rise of users are growing by the day. I believe business information systems will provide the metrics and analyzed and used to make operational and strategic business decisions. When it comes to implementation, management and development through social media is one example that where technology benefits marketing. The Internet enables telecommunication technology allows communication between customer in a real-time response for issues to be quickly resolved. Example: when companies are on Facebook and customer make comments or compliments the end user are able to assist the customer with a apologize and how to follow up with the company for further details to keep a ongoing relationship.

Furthermore, an organization can employ technology and business information systems to promote positive social change within an organization by implementing a organizational change management to enable the organization members and stakeholders can adapt to new systems as well a visions for the company. Managers should have clear communication throughout the organization and encourage members, especially in IT business to do trails get feedback before you commit to change. A organization should always see a compelling vision of how technology can improve. Managers should always remember to make it fun to learn and train new technology. Through this course I have learned from our last case studies that no everyone will or can adapt to change within an organization. Its important to empathize employees feelings about learning and developing throughout the organization.


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Drnevich, P. L. & Croson, D. C. (2013). Information technology and business -level strategy. toward an integrated theoretical perspective. MIS Quarterly, 37(2). 483-509.

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