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Things to note:
– This is a teacher action research paper. It’s slightly different from university research.
– I have done a similar paper on this. I will give you a copy with the scoring and lecturer’s comments so that you have an idea of what to do.
– PLEASE only bid if you are familiar in writing research papers.

Thank you!


Choose ONE (1) of the following topics and address ALL the questions that follow.

  •  Child engagement
  •  Play-based learning (I would like to do this one, I think)
  •  Learning environment
  •  Creative thinking
  •  Culturally responsive pedagogy

    Part I: Research Questions
    Formulate TWO (2) research questions that could guide your classroom inquiry and explain
    how they align with the selected topic. You should also provide 2-3 sub-questions to narrow
    down the research focus and make your research questions more specific and manageable.

    Part II: Literature Review and Action Plan
    Based on the research questions you have formulated in Part I above, you are going to search
    for and examine relevant literature, and propose a classroom-based action plan you would like
    to try out (i.e., a teaching strategy or intervention plan that you would like to use).

    Part III: Data Collection Tools
    Employ observations and interviews to gather children’s data for your teacher research. This
    should align with the action plan that you have in mind in Part II. Draft TWO (2) instruments
    (e.g., child observation guide, checklist, interview guide) for data collection that would help
    address your research questions.

    Part IV: Peer Feedback
    Approach two peers to review your draft of your teacher research plan as proposed in your
    responses in Part I-III.

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