look back over the course during which you have read and thoughts about topic in AMST 100

( 5 pages minimum- 7 pages maximum)

look back over the course during which you have read and thoughts about topic in AMST 100. Consider the key concepts you’ve learned about American Cultural studies in relation to the concept of history, American Exceptionalism, Diversity, Identity, Gender, Sexuality, Globalization, Capitalism, and Technology among others.

Now, in a 5 pages essay, showing knowledge of the meaning and significance of at least seven keywords from “ keywords for an American Cultural Studies” textbook. Define what you think American Cultural Study is. What is the key strengths and limitations are, and where you think it should focus in the next ten to fifteen years. In your essay, consider the following:

  • What do you think should be the goal, purpose, or mission of American studies?
  • How does American study relate to the larger field of cultural studies (is there anything that makes a focus on America more or less important in your mind)?
  • How does American studies or cultural studies enable us to study subjects that seems to go beyond a single discipline? How do American studies and cultural studies help us understand intersections between different aspects of culture?
  • How has American study changed from its inception in the early days where it attempted to explain the importance and superiority of the American concept of “freedom” and America’s unique character to the rest of the world? Why did those changes occur and what changes may be occurring now?
  • How does American studies challenge or modify thinking about capitalism, technology, history, globalization, and traditional concepts of identity and power?
  • How is American studies or cultural studies important in an era where information flowa through social media, often unverified? How can cultural studies, in general, cope with this new ”style” of media consumption and distribution?
  • What do you think the three most important subfields of American studies are the present moment? What new subfields will emerge or become more important ?why?
  • Where and why do you think AMST should focus over the next decade-plus?
  • What will be the key challenges for cultural studies experts in the next decade (that is, what new issues will arise)?
  • How well do you think American studies is positioned to deal with those challenges? What changes in approach in terms of explaining personal identity, exploring concept of freedom and justice, use of technology/media, outreach to community, and understanding America’s position in the global community do you foresee or believe will be necessary?

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