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A response is needed for all three questions and response to two other students are required as well.

1)Think about a time when you were part of a staffing process. Describe the situation using as many details as possible. Then, recommend three (3) areas in which the staffing process could have been improved. Justify your answer.

2)Would it be desirable to hire people only according to the person/organization match, ignoring the person/job match?

3) What are examples of how staffing activities are influenced by training activities? Compensation activities?

a response (at least a paragraph for each) is needed to lakeisha and erica’s response.

Lakeisha Moore

RE: Week 1 Discussion

Hello All,

The company I currently work with is in the implementation stage of a redundant process reduction. The process management tool is called LEAN. The intent of the tool is to discover pain points, create solutions and decrease expenses. At the beginning of the process, upper leadership guaranteed that LEAN was only to make the company better and that the associate impact would be minimal. In phase two of LEAN, the company notified associates of layoffs. The company was not ready for the announcement’s aftermath.

In my opinion, the company could have avoided some of the outcomes by:

1) Giving honest and prompt feedback. Leadership created a smoke mask by affirming that associates would not be impacted. When the lay-off communication was presented associates lost trust in the leadership relationship. The lack of trust drastically affected morale.

2) Verifying data. The data reviewed was used to determine the number of associates impacted. Within three months of the change, attrition increased at an alarming rate. The department offered the position to a selected few of the impacted associates to avoid the need for on-board training.

3) Provide clear communication. Leadership made the mistake of sending two invitations for an all department meeting. They made the mistake of sending an email to only those affected one hour before the second meeting. Associates began asking questions and deciphered the intent of the meeting.

Currently, we are in the process of hiring to fill the gaps associates left due to lay-offs and attrition.

Thanks, K. Moore

Erica Wood

RE: Week 2 Discussion

3. Would it be desirable to hire people only according to the person/organization match, ignoring the person/job match?

The most important step in hiring is matching a person’s skills and abilities to a specific position within the company. Job applicants should be compatible to the company in order to be beneficial. It wouldn’t be desirable to hire people according to person/organization while ignoring the person/job match. Matching both leads to positive outcomes. The main goal should be who is productive and who will work well in the company.

4. What are examples of how staffing activities are influenced by training activities? Compensation activities?

I’m employed at my local credit union and I must say since I’ve been here the perks of the job is definitely what makes you want to stay. Next week we have employee appreciation day allowing staff to come together play fun games and win prizes. They do it every year. Along with that we also have cash incentives to help motivate us to meet our goals. When employees know they are achieving goals, it allows them to put their best work forward.

Erica Wood

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