Treatment plans

I need 3 treatment plans completed for 3 client using OTA frame of reference here is an example

Preparatory Phase

Goal: Alex will make eye contact with the therapist when in a sensory rich environment 75% of the time with 2 verbal cues to remain focused as measured by therapist and parental report.

Activity #1: Swinging on Bolster swing

FOR: Cognitive Behavioral

Rationale: The ability to be able to perform a task of observation by maintaining an eye contact on the therapist. This is demonstrating the ability of flexibility especially eye flexibility.

Purposeful Activity

Goal: Alex will demonstrate improved fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and problem solving to complete a 20-25-piece puzzle with minimal verbal cues as measured by therapist observation and report.

Activity #2: Puzzle game on floor

FOR: Cognitive Behavioral

Rationale: Ability to complete tasks and show coordination in the process of successful completion of the task.

Occupation Based

Goals: Alex will demonstrate improved tactile modulation to be able to tolerate “messy play” for 6 minutes with no signs of distress as measured by therapist observation and report.

Activity #3: Painting on kraft paper

FOR: Cognitive Behavioral

Rationale: Ability to demonstrate improved tactile modulation and most importantly tolerate unbearable conditions until the task in question is successfully finished.

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