Wrongful Convictions

Assignment Instructions

Using the information contained in the End of Program (EOP) Manual (2015),
chapter 2, compose a first draft of your thesis proposal. Submit
including a title page and three references related to your proposed
topic. Ensure that the references are from peer-reviewed journals,
government sources, other appropriate academically acceptable sources,
or some combination thereof.

Ensure the proposal includes the following from the EOP Manual:

  • Explain
    the question or problem to be investigated and convince the thesis
    professor that the question or problem merits investigation.
  • It
    should show that the student has read the relevant and recent
    literature on the subject, and it should contain a list of academically
    appropriate resources consulted during the preliminary stages of
  • In
    general, the thesis proposal should include background information
    related to the research topic, purpose of research, methodology and
    analytical procedures to be used.

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