Academic Analysis on Article

Please complete the attached worksheet on your FIRST scholarly article that you will be using for this assignment. For your following articles that you will choose, you will not need to fill out this document. However, this first article should be part of the center of gravity of your research paper.

Academic Analysis Worksheet_Major 3.docx (See attached) This is the document that you need to fill out for this assignment. Try to be a detailed as possible, as it will help you later in your writing. In addition to this worksheet, make lots of marginal notes on your chosen article, your fairytale, and the fairytale’s introduction.

Take the time to explore your topic and see how it evolves or changes. While you are researching, I am sure you will find new things that interest you or look at some of your topics in new ways. Therefore, when researching, the perfect article may not exist (but isnt that why we write the papers we do? To argue for what we believe?). Therefore, use the articles as evidence of your research but don’t be bound by your original topic.

on a separate document

Please ask any questions that you have about the research paper/state if you need help finding articles.

If you have no question, then write that you understand the assignment.

I wanted this week to be a time for research, so please make sure that you thoroughly investigate articles and start making headway on your annotated bibliography that will be due next week.

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