Interview questions unit 7, management homework help

Successful sport managers must understand a variety of components in the sport industry. One of those areas involves

facility and event management. Another includes understanding consumer behavior and employing effective marketing.

One way to learn about these areas and to begin to understand their complexities is to ask questions and discuss these

topics with professionals in the field. Upon completing this assignment, hopefully, you will gain the knowledge and skills

pertinent to a sport management position.

For this assignment, you are asked to visit another local facility in your area to identify and determine the day-to-day

operations and procedures performed at the facility and to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager.

Contact this person, and schedule a day and time for this visit.

If this is not an option for you, you may elect to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager via phone,

email, Skype, Zoom, Join Me, or any other conference-friendly application that will yield the answers to questions posed in

the interview. If that is not possible you must make up the interview. No real names should be used, besides your own when asking the questions, since you will be interviewing yourself you will need to come up with answers that you believe would be true. you can pretend to be the Athletic director of a local high school. Pretend it is a real interview!

Create at least eight questions to ask this individual or yourself. The following sport-related topics are suggestions that may assist

you as you generate your questions:

 sport management responsibilities;

 responsibilities and duties of other various positions;

 best practices/processes in sport consumer behavior;

 marketing and advertising strategies;

 effects/influences of media relations;

 communication techniques;

 impact of facility practices (social, cultural, legal, and economic); and

 skills required in the sport industry.

Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this

experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management, leadership, and best

practices in sport.

The organization of your paper should resemble the following:

 Title page: Include your name, the assignment title, and the name of the university.

 Introduction: Provide a brief introduction of the assignment.

 Body: List the questions and responses from your interview.

 Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion that wraps up the elements of the interview, including how this experience

has helped you.

 Reference page: If you use content from the textbook, be sure to include this as a source on your reference page.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Your paper should be

typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font; be double-spaced; and include page headers. References and in-text citations

should be formatted using APA style. Also, remember to cite personal communication in-text only

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