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MUST BE TYPED IN APA 7TH EDITION. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOOK AT THE HABITS OF MIND PDF I INCLUDE AND CHOOSE ONE THAT HAS NOT BEEN USED. I WILL SEND ALL SOURCES. Weekly Questions and/or Reflections Respond in writing to the weekly questions posted for each week. After completing the weekly readings, provide a thorough response in your own words to the weekly questions posted in the course week/module. Please make sure you submit your answers in the respective weekly journals. A minimum of 550 words is required for each question in the weekly journal. Do not forget to include the habits of mind you used in the analysis of the readings. Please make sure your responses demonstrate your own personal thoughtful reflections on the readings. Please note that Assignment One will be submitted through a Weekly Journal format. This assignment requires you to apply at least one Habits of Mind. Habits of mind are 16 patterns of intellectual behavior that promote efficient and effective thinking. As you engage in the course readings and assignments, please incorporate the habits of mind identified by the instructors into your reflections. Please use the following questions as a guideline for reflective writing in your weekly assignments and discussions: 1. How might the HoM you selected serve you as you are working on this week’s readings? 2. As you reflect on your strategy for using the HoMs, what did it involve? Key definitions to keep in mind when working on weekly journals: Reflective writing: A reflective essay/responses involves looking back, or reflecting on, prior experiences and behaviors. Analytical writing: An analytical essay/response is about perspective. You analyze a controversial or debatable topic and provide support for your particular point of view. Name: Assignment #6 Purpose: Compare and analyze the Race to the Top (RTTT) reform to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and reflect on the future of public schooling. Directions: After reading Spring: Ravitch: The Life and Death of Great American School System Chapter 6, please answer the following questions: 1. In chapter 6, Diane Ravitch identifies the assumptions on which NCLB was built. Are the assumptions of RTTT similar? If so, what outcomes might we expect? Create a different set of assumptions that might lead to improved student learning outcomes. 2. In chapter 11, the final argument of this chapter is that the present reforms are not only ineffective; they threaten the very existence of public schooling. Connect this final thought to the title of the book. If the present reforms hold the potential for death of public schooling, wherein lies the potential for life?

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