mapping assignment about Baltimore city

mapping assignment about Baltimore city in Maryland

I attached screenshot of the book that can be used in the paper and this is the reference of the book>>>Moore, T., & Asay, S. (2018). Family resource management.Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications, Inc

the instructions is below

This project will give students an opportunity to explore course concepts in an applied way by going on a virtual field trip to explore their home town/city and a utilizing a case study provided at the end of this assignment description. For inspiration take a listen to David Simon as he talks about his love for the unique neighborhoods in Baltimore:

Paper: Students will use technology to gather information about their home town/city. Students can also make phone calls or send emails to gather information for this assignment. . Consider ALL of the resources we have been reading about and have been discussing in class: Human, Economic, Social, and Environmental. Also, consider federal, state, and local resources.

Part 1of the paper should include specific information about your town/city. Information gathered should include but is not limited to:

  • Town/city location and boundaries, as well as identification of adjacent neighborhoods
  • Photographs of the neighborhood: what makes this neighborhood unique, can you find a map? Consider including images of landmarks, architecture, public buildings, green space, etc. Include these images on your title page!
  • History
  • Demography
  • Economy
  • Cultural elements
  • Available resources

Part 2should include an evaluation of the observed needs of the community and whether or not the resources available are able to meet those needs. The range of resources the student will consider include: available housing, transportation, and parking options, as well as shopping, educational and healthcare resources, places of worship, banking and finance, public works, recreational facilities, and elements of art and culture.

Part 3: Read about the case family that is described at the end of this document. Consider what your home town/city has to offer this family. Be reflectiveabout this family’s needs and wants. Will your home community be able to support their needs? Will there be challenges? Make clear connections back to our course materials! Reference a minimum of four concepts from the book and include in text citations. Please consult the APA Help link on our BB site and follow the information under “In text citations: the basics”. Responses in this section of the paper should be well thought out, clearly articulated, and reflective of the learning students have experienced in our course.

Websites:Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Dig deeper! We will generate a list of potential websites during our “virtual field trip in-class technology” day to jump start this paper. Keep track of all of your sources of information because you will be required to use APA format and include all sources in the Reference Section of your paper.

Assignment details:

  • This is an academic paperand the use of proper and appropriate grammar is expected.
  • Students should also use page numbers and include both an introductory and a concluding paragraph.
  • The body of the paper should be 4-5 pages in length. In additionto the 4-5 pages, students will also include a title page and a reference page. Follow APA format for running head and page numbers.
  • The title page should include:The title of our course; the students name; the name of the neighborhood including the town/city name and state; and digital images of the neighborhood.
  • The reference page should be titled “References” and in addition to citing our textbook it should also include the list of legitimate websites that information was collected from. If students use graphic data including a map please consult the APA Format link on our BB site. Once at that site click on “Reference List: Electronic Sources (Web Publications) and then scroll down and follow the guidelines for Graphic Data. If students interviewed someone to gather information (via email, on the phone, or in person) for their project please consult the APA Format link on our BB site. Once at that site click on “Reference List: Other Non-Print Sources” and follow the appropriate guidelines for Interviews, Email, and Other Personal Communication.


Mrs. Tau is a 55 year old Grandmother. She has just been promoted to the head of housekeeping at a local hotel chain in your home town/city. She will be working Monday through Friday, 6 am to 2 pm. She is caring for her three grandchildren while her daughter serves a 5 year prison charge. She is very active in her current neighborhood and elementary school organizations, and, although she is a widow, she has a large extended family in the community that she is moving from. Her community has been incredibly helpful in terms of helping Mrs. Tau to provide before school care for her grandchildren and to be emotionally supportive as well. Mrs. Tau and her grandchildren have become very connected to and involved in their current community.

Mrs. Tau cares for three dependents. The oldest granddaughter is 13 years and attends middle school. She enjoys reading, television, and spending time with her friends and cousins in the neighborhood. The middle granddaughter is 9 years old and attends elementary school. She enjoys playing with neighboring children, YMCA sports programs, and riding her bike. The youngest grandson is 7 years old and attends a school for special needs children. He has behavioral and developmental disorders and has recently been diagnosed with Autism. Mrs. Tau’s grandson requires medication and therapy treatments. He enjoys walks in the park, playing with toys, and listening to music.

Currently, the children receive some state assistance and Medicaid, but towards the end of the month Mrs. Tau struggles to provide food for her three dependents for all three meals a day. Mrs. Tau is hopeful that this promotion will allow her to cover all of her monthly expenses. She also hopes that by moving to your home town/city she will be able to continue to give her grandchildren a secure home and opportunities to continue to participate in the activities that they enjoy. She is also concerned about her grandson and wants to be able to continue to access supportive therapies for him. In her new job she will earn $70,000 a year with full health insurance benefits. She currently owns a car but it is 10 years old and is need of some minor repairs. The car is becoming increasingly unreliable and Mrs. Tau is hopeful the new town/city will have transportation to school for the children and is curious about public transportation options for herself. Mrs. Tau and the grandchildren currently live in a modest house. They are curious about what their new home will look like and ideally would like to continue to live in a 3 bedroom home so that the grandson can have his own room which seems to help with his ability to cope, regulate, and be successful with his school work and his therapies.

This project will require the use of resources beyond the text. All citations must be cited in your presentation in APA format. examples of recommended sites that may be helpful and are available for your city, town or county are as follows:

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