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critique 2

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Details for your critiques 1. For your first set of critiques pick two empirical, peer-reviewed articles on any topic in child development. Both articles can be on the same topic or they can be from two different topics. If you are not sure if your articles are empirical and peer-reviewed, please check with me. 2. A critique does not entail a summary of the article. You can start your critique by summarizing what the objective of the study was and what the authors found but this should not be more than a 3-4 sentences. The rest of your critique should be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the article. The critique for EACH one of your articles should be 3-4 sides long. Thus for two articles, it should be 6-8 sides long. You are welcome to write more if you wish but the guidelines above are the minimum they should be. Please be sure to organize your ideas using paragraphs. 3. Discussion points should include methodological strengths and weaknesses and future directions. Discussing things like the font size, paragraphs, the number of tables or graphs in the articles are NOT valid points of discussion. 4. Please note that all critiques need to typed with margins of 1” using a 12 point font. Hand written critiques won’t be graded. 5. Please attach the article that you are using to each one of your critiques. 6. You don’t need a reference page. 7. Please be sure to keep a copy of all of your assignments. 8. All these criteria apply for your second set of critiques as well.

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