Finding Interventions


Now that you have selected a topic for your memo, find one peer-reviewed article where an intervention has been tested with your population. Note that you are looking for an intervention that is tested with your population NOT an article that is only describing your population.


Formulate a discussion post that describes your article. Include:

  • A brief description of the sample that the researcher used;
  • A description of how the researcher tested the intervention;
  • Identify limitations or concerns with the research study; and
  • An assessment of whether this intervention should be used with your population.
Big Hint:

Utilize the other students working on your topic to share articles. By doing so, you are helping each other build a reference list for your memo. Try to avoid posting the same articles if possible.

Post your article under the discussion post heading for your topic. Respond to at least two of your peer posts and compare your research article’s findings to their article’s findings: which has more evidence for a social worker to use in practice?


Q: Where can I find an article?
A: Use the OLLU library to find a peer-reviewed article. Using keywords related to your topic and the word “intervention” is a good place to start.

Q: What counts as an intervention?
A: An intervention can be any tool that a practitioner might use to change something in her client population. Interventions can range from screening tools to curricula that have specific steps that must be followed.

Q: What does not count as an article testing an intervention?
A: Many times researchers produce articles comparing groups or producing correlational information that describes populations. If you have a study where an author is stating that they analyzed data and found that former foster youth are less likely to graduate college, then it is correlational. The researcher is not trying to improve the outcome, she is just describing it. You want an article for this post where a researcher is saying that they tried an intervention and it worked. Keeping with the same example, if a researcher states that they “determined that a mentorship program improved college graduation relates,” then you are looking at an intervention study.

Q: How can I tell if the research article says something that is valid?
A: Do not use your opinions or experiences as a reference. This is a research course so you need to look at the research in that article. Is the author making valid claims in their findings based on what they researched? Use your textbook as a reference. You may need to flip ahead in the chapters to look at things like sampling and data collection depending on your chosen article.

Q: Someone already posted my article. Do I have to start over?
A: No. You do not need to start over, but it is best not to duplicate articles so that your group has more articles to share with each other

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