Information Technology Acquisition Scenarios

i need 11 slides not including title or reference slides on these scanarios with graphic, speaker notes (75-100 per slide) and references.

Information Technology Acquisition Scenarios

Scenario 1

The owner of Cool Joe’s Pizza Emporium is preparing to open a second store. Cool Joe’s Pizza Emporium currently employes a total of 25 people and as the owner expands he’s interested in bringing a more professional image to the company with a modern website and accompanying email accounts for all current and future employees (approximately 50 after the new store is completed). The owner is searching for the most cost effective means to achieve these goals and is willing to entertain hiring one or two IT professionals for his company or out-sourcing the requirements to another company. Design two options that will satisfy the owner’s requirements. Use $50,000 to $75,000 as the average annual salary of an IT professional and feel free to use external sources to find prices for managed website services, email accounts, etc..

Scenario 2

An older accounting firm has just been purchased and as the newly hired IT director, your job is to put together a proposal of how to bring this accounting firm into the modern age. As you tour the accounting firm, you take stock of the current IT infrastructure and notice that there is a variety of different brands of computers running everything from Windows 98 to Windows 7 (including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2000 Millenium Edition). Put together a proposal that discusses the pros and cons of using the existing infrastructure, upgrading everything, or out-sourcing and support one of these options as the most cost effective solution.

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