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In my google search one of the first examples of an organization being clear and consistent for everyone in the organization with workplace rules was Chevrons 32-page business conduct and ethics code. This very detailed document addresses multiple subjects from employee compensation, controlled substances, preventing harassment, avoiding conflicts of interest, antibribery, political involvement, safety and data privacy just to name a few. (Cheron,2018)

Another company that has well-defined policy and principles is IBM. The company covers many topics such as business conduct and ethics, workforce diversity, human rights, safety, diverse business relationships, as well as data privacy, and cognitive principles. (IBM,2017)

Goodyear found themselves in trouble after violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963, with Lilly Ledbetter. Goodyear was found to pay higher wages to male employees. Ledbetter took legal action all the way to the Supreme Court, who dismissed it based on the amount of time period allowed to file a complaint. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 signed by president Barack Obama overturning the Supreme Court’s decision, increasing the time period for employees to file a complaint against a business will allow employees additional time to file against employers. (EEOC)

Along the same theme, Lacoste fired an employee who posted a picture of his paycheck on social media. The problem is that it is legal to discuss pay and wages with coworkers…including on the internet, which is just another form of communication. As long as two or more coworkers are on the same social network, wage discussion is protected speech. (Lucas,2013)


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My scavenger hunt for two examples of organizations and management ensured employment laws were clear and understandable yielded with first Coca-Cola company. The Coca-Cola Company, they elevate transparency in regards to human rights reports. In the most recent years, the company has attended works shops across continents with experts to discuss safety, land rights, work equality, the health of all workers other companies initiates. Coca-cola has added their employment policies online and on their different work-related pages. they are posted on the worksites and are included in their employee handbooks. My second company is Marriott International they provide their new employees with indoctrination where they cover company policies and equal opportunity laws. In addition, they also provided information on their employee handbook. Marriott Internation is best known for its fantastic management philosophy which provides management with living traditions of values and beliefs that promote fair treatment with the golden rule of “treat others as you would like to be treated”. to an external site. to an external site.

A company not doing so great is Walmart, the press release on the EEOC website of 9/27/18 states that Walmart refused a Christian employee his request not to work to observed the Sabbath of his religion. It’s hard to understand how a retail giant like Walmart would deny workers to observed Friday sundown to Saturday.
Another company on with bad EEOC is NDI Office Furniture out of Birmingham, Alabama. According to the press release of 9/28/18 from the EEOC website the NDI company violated the federal law by systematically refusing to hire women at its warehouse. To not even consider women to apply for a position is discriminatory and it violates the EEOC law. to an external site. to an external site.

Social media and technology in the workplace. A big and shaming scandal within the Military is the nude photo sharing scandal from the Marine Corps. This is just one example of social media and how It can impact the workplace. this obviously brought shame and discredited to the military but we have learned from it and have put policies and measures in place to prevents this from happening again. to an external site.


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