Complete English Discussion Post

Review your grade/feedback for Response Paper 1 or 2. (View this week’s online learning resources for further explanation on revision). Then, do the following:

1) Revise and edit at least one paragraph (and up to the entire paper). Revision means “re-seeing” the content: choosing new words, rephrasing phrases and sentences; replacing old content and/or adding support, context, or detail to existing content; and correcting any errors on the original draft, from spelling/punctuation and grammatical errors to quotation/citation issues. Post your original paragraph(s) first, followed by your revision of that same passage.

2) Address some or all of the questions below in your main forum post, underneath your revised paragraph:

  • What was your biggest weakness in the original passage? Does your revised version address this issue?
  • What resources, such as books or web pages, did you find useful while attempting your revision?
  • What aspects of the revision process did you find most interesting and/or challenging?
  • What did you learn from the revision process? Do you think that future papers would benefit from applying the revision process before submission?

Remember: All textual references (quotes, paraphrases) should be cited in MLA format (in-text citations and Works Cited).


Good work here overall. You have some great ideas, many of which are very thoughtful and insightful. I noted a few places that need evidence or support, and there are some grammar issues throughout (nothing major, just word choice errors, sentence fragments, etc.). I’d suggest working with SmarThinking tutoring for help on just polishing up those little things so your great ideas can shine through even more.

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