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Will attach documents that may help after a tutor has been selected.

Ok so quick intro on what the class is and what she’s looking for. It’s a writing class called Fairy Tales, then and now. We basically read fairy tales or watch movies and analyze them for deeper meanings/ metaphors / symbolism. This essay is the final essay, approx. 8 pages. PLEASE if you have any questions, you can bother me 10000 times a day i don’t care! contact me anytime you are unsure or need help with anything ok. Attached to this email I left a ‘guide’ the professor provided to us.

DUE ON APRIL 30, 2021

FINAL ESSAY Your choice: You may select your own topic. This is to be an academic essay on material covered on the syllabus or related to the course. Essay length: 2400-2800 words (approximately 8 pages)

THE TOPIC I PICKED: Gender Roles in Mulan (Disney Movie) You could also talk about it in connection to cultural influence on gender roles.

Notes: (1) If you consult outside sources, you must document them. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. Essays that are essentially summaries of outside sources are not acceptable.

You can write about/ analyze the songs in the movie, what the characters represent, how it can be interpreted differently, etc. I encourage you to contact me if you are unsure about writing about something or if it is the type of thing she would want.

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