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Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.

Cultural Competence is described as a provider having mastered a set of skills in order to be aware and sensitive to cultural situation (Green & Reincken, 2013). Cultural competency is an imperative concept for nurses to master in order to best serve their patients and provided patient-centered care (Green & Reincken, 2013). When speaking of cultural competence disparity and diversity (Green & Reincken, 2013) are two components that affect health care. With our nations growing population and influx of diversity, it is not possible for health care providers to ignore the need to become cultural competent. A common disparity in these groups is low socioeconomic status, these patients are usual not educated; therefore, they cannot get quality jobs nor health insurance (Green & Reincken, 2013).

“The absence of health care coverage deprives the individual of proactive measures and access to preventative care and in past years forced over 100 million Americans to seek refuge in Emergency Departments (EDs) around the country (Green & Reincken, 2013).” I work in the ED and have seen this every single day. Until I read this article I really didn’t understand why patients were coming to the ED instead of just going to the doctor’s office for a cold or tooth ache. The shows me that I am not as culturally competent as I thought I was and I need to do better for my patients. I need to lead by example and get educated on the different demographics I serve in the community. I must allow my self the time to ask more questions from my patients and see what I can do to help them more.

I feel all nurses need to take the time to self reflect and see where their short comings are in the nursing practice. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we must keep learning in order to do better for our patients.


Green, Z. D., & Reinckens, J. (2013). Cultural Competency in Health Care: What Can Nurses Do. The Maryland Nurse News and Journal, 16. Retrieved May 21, 2018, from…

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