Complete short public speaking discussion

Exploring Public Speaking Fear

This week’s discussion will have two parts. Make sure to answer both parts. For part one let us get to know one another! Include what you believe to be your current knowledge of public speaking and if you have any experience with presenting speeches.

We’ve learned that 75 percent of all individuals fear public speaking. Do you fall under that percentage? If you do, what goes through your mind the moment just before you begin your speech?

Next research some tips online (through articles, blogs, or even videos) about overcoming the fear of public speaking. Include the source of your tips in your post. Don’t duplicate an article, blog, or video that your peers have already cited. There are many sites/videos out there, do some digging and find what tips you feel would be helpful for you.

In your initial post:

After completing part one and two of the discussion, post your citation of your source. Your post should be approximately 150 words and provide summaries and the main ‘take-aways’ of the article, blogs, or videos.

Follow Up Posts:

After your initial post, read over the items posted by your peers. Select two different posts, and address the following items in your responses:

In what way would the tips be helpful in overcoming the fear of public speaking? Do you feel this tip would help you personally? What tips would you give your peers that would help with their fear of public speaking (if they have any). How would you encourage them?

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