Sociology Question

SOC 433: Wealth, Status & Power Final Paper

You will write one of three paper options as your final paper. Select one of the following:1)Comparing and contrasting related organizations that facilitate elite advantage2) Evaluating for efficacy existing policies or movements to reduce stratification3) Formulatingnew policy or strategy aimed at reducing stratificationPlease note that the three options also represent increasingly difficulty levels of learning. To compare features of organizations is a level 4 cognitive task “Analysing.” “Evaluating” policies or movements is a level 5 cognitive task. To Formulate a new policy is a level 6 cognitive task “Creating.”

Examples to get you brainstorming Comparethe practices of Amazon, Google, and Facebook in terms of the degree of power given to their CEOs, quality of treatment of employees versus executives, or handling of profits.Comparethe career paths of Wall Street bankers and military generals.Evaluateourcurrent system of inheritance taxation to determine if it reasonably allows the wealthy to pass assets to the next generation or if it overconsolidates wealth among families.Evaluatethe career trajectory of top social media influencers and discuss the pros and cons of this emerging career pathway. How do you see it evolving over the next decade?Formulatea change to our corporate tax policies that do not harm competition or innovation but also closes tax loopholes among large multinational corporations.Formulate a new Super PAC, and beyond its mission and goals, explain why it would be particularly necessary now and where its funding would come from. Recommended SubSections: Use headings to break your essays into three or four sections. Depending on your paper topic, suggested sections could include:History/Context: of the social issue or movementTheoretical Framework: explain the applicable core features of a sociologicaltheoryPerson Profiles: tell us about key players or individuals relevant to your argumentCase Study: walk us through an eventbased section illustrating the argument.

Past Policy Attempts:explaining past laws or reform efforts that did or did not workAnticipated Opposition:outlining a defense to expected counterargumentsPolicy Implications:explaining whatnew laws or reformsyou think needcreatedRecommendations for Future Research: explaining academic studies you think need doneVisual:Include at least one table or figure, labeled and marked according to ASA Style. It can be a chart of relevant statistics or a cultural artifact illustrating your point. Make sure it is not just a loosely related meme or image, but something that largely reinforcesyour argument.Technical Expectations: Fivepagesminimum(sevenpages maximum), doublespaced, 12ptfont. Include at least 10relevant scholarly sources (at least halfof which must be from peerreviewed sociological journals). Intext citations and the references page should be in ASA style. References page is not counted in the fivepage count. No cover page, abstract, keywords, or running head necessary.

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