The objective of this exercise is to assess your decision-making, problem solving, and analytical aptitude as part of the overall assessment of your application for hire. This exercise is comprised of a scenario that requires you to rationalize outcomes for a given situation. This exercise is designed to evaluate your ability to:

Understand and communicate the overall objective.

Create and effectively communicate your analysis.

Incorporate aspects into your analysis that are not explicitly stated (i.e. thinking outside the box).

Support your conclusions with a clear documentation of your analysis process.

It is NOT designed to:

Measure your aptitude in the use of specific types of software.

Be used as the sole measure of the decision for hire.


To identify YOUR most valued method of purchasing athletic shoes, taking into consideration at least 2 elements, which are of value to you.


You may add any additional elements to your analysis. At the interview, you are expected to:

Provide a written interpretation of your findings.

Provide documentation of your process.

Present your analysis in a 5-minute presentation.

Provide handouts (optional).

If you do not have access to a computer, we can provide a workstation for your use. If you would like to provide handouts, we can make copies for you.


You live in Albuquerque, NM. You have decided to improve your physical health, which requires the purchase of athletic shoes. Soles offer two lines, the Sprinter Edition and the Tracker Edition. The Sprinter Edition shoe is lightweight (90g), has an insert thickness of 0.25 inches, and you can customize the color of the shoes. The Tracker edition shoe is slightly heavier (115g), no color customization, and an insert thickness of 0.75 inches. The table below identifies the stores that carry the products and other information to assist you with your analysis.




Distance / Delivery

Sprinter Edition

Tracker Edition

Soles – Outlet

Santa Fe

50 miles



Big 5


3 miles





15 miles



On line

4-6 days



Distance: Measured in miles, is the distance from your home.

Shipping: free shipping and handling

Vendors accept all forms of payment

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