Position Essay

It’s finally come … in this essay, you have the opportunity to break away from the purely objective stance you were asked to take in your Exploratory Essay and present your own position about your topic.

In this “Arguing a Position” paper, you will be expected to present your position in a 700-word (minimum) position-based paper. In order to successfully present your position, you must make your stance very clear from the get-go–craft a strong thesis which states both your position and the primary underlying reason you have chosen to hold this position. Then support your position with carefully crafted reasons, supported by evidence (remember to cite anything you get from anybody else using your MLA guidelines).

As always, format your paper using proper MLA protocols.

You must bring a paper copy of your essay to class during your scheduled workshop to receive full credit for this assignment. Late submissions will be assessed penalties per the syllabus and will receive no revision feedback.

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