Management 377

Final Oral Presentation:

Each student will make a final presentation to the class. Students will use what they learned during this course along with researching the internet and make a presentation regarding what type of organization they would like to work in when they start their career. Some areas to consider is location, type of product the organization is marketing, leadership expectations, continuing education opportunities, work hours along with length of working day, work life balance, type of organizational structure, overall culture. Treat this as your “Wish List” for your ideal job environment.

You will be asked to dress professionally and prepare a Power Point presentation for the class. Presentation should not be read. Presentation will be 5-7 minutes in length. Evaluation will be based on Power Point layout and how well the student presents the subject matter. Clip art is always a good idea when using Power Point. Printed copy of the Power Point will be submitted to the instructor on the day of the presentation. (TIP: Use dark print on light background or light print on dark background with slides.)

this is the company for the presentation ( Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America). and I am a finance major

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