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  • Responses should be thoughtful, substantive and promote further discussion on the topic
  • Be respectful and professional

Here the student paper down below you responding to

A client has been referred to our agency due to contact from his wife. The wife states that the client is not eating, mostly stays in the house sleeping all day, mumbles profanities and talks gibberish to himself. She fears he will harm her or their 3-year old child and thinks he may be doing drugs. She also states that these are the symptoms he had once before when he attempted suicide by overdosing on his psych medication, which are Ritalin for adult ADHD.

Decompensating occurs when medicines or treatments are no longer preventing a client from relapsing. The client appears to be decompensating emotionally based on information provided by the wife of him displaying similar actions from a previous experience. Since decompensating could result in a psychotic break or a nervous breakdown, a regimen of proper counseling and/or treatment is needed immediately.

The main priority is to ensure the safety of the client, his wife and their child. The suicidal history of the client warrants that he should be detained to an inpatient facility that focuses on the common therapeutic factors of the REPLAN model. R is for maintaining a strong helper/client relationship, E is enhancing efficacy and self-esteem, P is practicing new learning behaviors, L is lowering and raising emotional arousal, A is activation expectations, and N is providing new learning experiences. Use of this model, is the only way to minimize and/or eliminate any hurt or harm of all parties while ensuring that the client gets the overall assistance that he needs.

Once the safety issues are resolved, the client should be evaluated for drugs, health and/or mental issues. The evaluations should diagnose whether the client has substance abuse, dependence, induced disorders and any health and/or mental illnesses. Regardless of the outcome of the evaluations, a solution-focused therapy should be the initial treatment to allow the client to review positive behaviors of the past and reflect on their desires for their future. This short-term therapy should prompt the client to come back to the center, as well as initiate a plan of action between the counselor and the client, which considers the results of the evaluations.

The best concept that will use all aspects of the REPLAN model is the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It can be used with self-help groups, family therapy, couples therapy and other therapeutic interventions to help the client understand what thoughts and feeling influence their behavior. The client will learn how to identify destructive thoughts and respond with positive behaviors by using strategies such as role-playing, relaxation techniques, and journaling. CBT can also be used to treat any variety of disorders from addictions, depressions, eating disorders, etc. that may have been identified from the evaluations

It takes group therapy to keep the client on track because the group provides support through understanding where family and others can’t relate. A group can be very influential since it contains members that have similar life issues, experiences, resolutions, etc. A group can be the glue that allows a client to stick to continuing and succeeding with their therapeutic treatment.

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