Interview Questions

Need about 300 word answers for each questions for roughly around 2700 words total for the paper.

Please answer the questions as though your are going for an interview as an executive manager with a Fortune 500 company. Looking for answers that included organizational leadership, sig sigma, and conceptions from business management.

19.Tell us
about a time when you had to gain the trust of a company who feared and
distrusted you in order to complete an assignment. What did you do to gain
their trust? What were the results?

20. What have
you done as a supervisor to foster positive and effective working relationships
between company and outside employees?


21.Tell us
about an experience you’ve had where you had to deal with the media.

22.Tell us
about an assignment you’ve had that required you to develop and maintain
relationships with outside agencies or community groups. What did you do to
establish these relationships and make them productive?

23.Tell us
about a presentation you have made to a community group. What did you do to
make sure that the content of your presentation was clear and understood by
your audience?

24. What
would you do your first 30 days as an Executive leader to learn about the
community’s concerns and what had already been done to address them?

25.Tell us
what corporate responsibility means to you and how this will influence what you
hope to achieve as an Executive manager?



27.What is
there in your personnel folder that reflects your: analytical skills, ability
to handle stressful situations, ability to work with command staff, work ethic.

28. Of all of
the things in your personnel folder, what are you proudest of?

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