Powerpoint Presentation

Case study Topic: Female Genital Mutilation

CASE STUDY PRESENTATION Homework: The purpose of this presentation is to summarize the content in the Legal, ethical & health policy course as it applies to a clinical or societal dilemma. You will use the theories of ethical analysis as well as knowledge of legal implications to review the dilemma (Female genital mutilation) to :-

  1. Describe the dilemma in female genital mutilation/ female circumcision you are presenting.
  2. Describe the legal considerations that are involved in the dilemma. Examples of legal issues would be: negligence, malpractice, fraud, right to privacy, defamation, and slander.

Note: Using APA format and at least 2-3 references of literature from peer-reviewed journals from nursing and other health-related and relevant fields, you may also review respected online sources.

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