Rewrite Lesson 5

Taylor Swift – Blank Space

I decided to talk about Taylor Swift’s Love Story as soon as I saw the instruction. I first listened to this music from the a taxi’s FM radio and this music got me obsessed with all the songs of Taylor Swift. This song is the second single from her fifth studio album 1989 (2014)

This song makes fun of Taylor’s exposure in the media about her dating life, portraying herself as “an overly attached man-eater who dates for songwriting material.” In the M/V, she seemed to be obsessed with the guy and crazy about her. I personally think Obsession with a person is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

In terms of its musical facts, this song in composed in the key of F major and set in a 4/4 time signature at a moderate tempo of 96 beats per minute and her vocals range from A3 to D5.

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