Literacy Analysis

Read the “The Myth of the Latin Woman” by Judith Ortiz Cofer in the Norton Field Guide to Writing on pages 876-883.

Discuss ways that Latinas are misunderstood and stereotyped, according to Judith Ortiz Cofer in her essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman.”

Respond specifically to the topic. Maintain the focus on that topic throughout the essay.

  • Write 700 words; stay within 25 words of this word count.
  • Write your essay in the present tense.
  • Create a focused thesis that is based on the assignment and that has an assertion or opinion.
  • Create topic sentences that reflect the thesis in content and organization and that have an assertion or opinion. Create topic sentences that also serve as umbrellas for their paragraphs.
  • Boldface thesis and topic sentences.
  • Write an introduction that provides background, three body paragraphs that support the thesis in content and in organization, and a conclusion that summarizes the main idea. Don’t use the phrase “in conclusion.” Encourage the reader to keep reading until the last word.
  • Do not use any other sources for your essay. Paragraphs should be developed with examples from the source essay. MLA documentation is required. Examples must be cited according to MLA standards. In your essay, cite the source three different ways: quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing. Missing or incorrect MLA documentation may result in a failing grade.
  • Use MLA paper format. See MLA Paper Format handout or follow example provided in The Norton Field Guide to Writing (521-523 and 524-531). Missing MLA paper format may mean 15 fewer points.
  • Include the author’s name in the following ways: In the introduction, first name and last name; in the body paragraphs, last name with no polite titles; in the conclusion, full name. Do not use “I,” “you,” or “we,” except in quotations from a source text that may contain these words. These phrases would also need to be in quotation marks in your paper. Do not use the pronouns “I,” “you,” or “we” to present ideas. Instead, state points directly.
  • Proofread your paper. Read each sentence looking for errors. Read your paper from the last sentence to the first sentence, looking for errors. Do not rely on your computer’s spelling and grammar checker. Numerous sentence-level errors may result in a failing grade.

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