Approaches to Religion

Approaches to Religion


Assignment Overview

This reaction and response assignment explores the current trends in education and approaches to religion and asks you to examine the relationship between religion and education.


A one-to-two page (250-500 word) paper

Step 1 Watch the following video.

Approaches to Religion

Step 2Write an essay fully answering following questions in 250-500 words.

  • What is the relationship between education and religion in the United States? What do sociologists think of this relationship?
  • Do you think the current trends in education support how sociologists approach the relationship between religion and education?
  • What are some of the reasons for different approaches to religion (if any) propagated by education?


Answer all questions in essay and explain in details .

Book used is The Essentials of Sociology

A down to Earth Approach

James M Henslin 13th Edition

Use two sources only sociology sources. 

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