Compare the components chosen pertaining to the organization with other organizations

Look at both aspect of both the daily operations of the company as well as management strategies to determine the impact they have on the social responsibility of the company. Examine the impact this has on the internal and external stakeholders of the company, as social responsibility impacts them the most. Then, you will devise a revised strategy plan that addresses any gaps and risks you have identified regarding social responsibility.

Guidelines for Submission: 3–4 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, abstract, one- inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

Each bulleted point and part needs to be addressed where it applies.

1. Critique the Organization: You will continue your case study analysis, critiquing the organization regarding how it considers social responsibility and how its processes have been influenced internally and externally. Utilizing the information in the case study and your previous analysis, determine the appropriate components for a strategic CSR plan for the organization.

  • Compare the components chosen pertaining to the organization with other organizations with similar or different strategic components.
  • Explain how the organization’s internal and external influences have impacted the strategy plan’s compliance with industry standards and common practice in regards to social responsibility.
  • Determine potential risks in the current strategy plan and compare them with other relevant organizations (in particular, the same industry) to determine if these risks are common or unique to the organization.

2. Revised Strategy Plan: Imagine you have assumed a leadership role within the organization. You will utilize the case study and your previous analysis to develop a new strategy plan for the organization addressing its social responsibility.

  • Develop a revised strategy plan for the organization, addressing any potential risks or gaps regarding social responsibility previously identified in your case study analysis.
  • Explain the process regarding how the revised strategy plan was developed. Be sure to describe why certain components were selected and how they are important to the organization as related to social responsibility.
  • Discuss how you considered the influence of internal and external forces when developing your revised strategy plan. In other words, how did you account for the internal and external influences that affected the first strategy plan in the development of your revised strategy plan?
  • Explain how issues of ethics were considered when developing the revised strategy plan. If issues of ethics did not need to be considered or revised, explain why.

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