organization behavior and effectiveness, answer 3 questions by following:

Chapter 3 Homework Assignment

Issues in Diversity: Say It loud—I’m Fat and I’m Proud!
“Pure awesome.” That’s how thirty-one-year-old Marianne Kirby describes herself. Weighing in
at a hefty 319 pounds, Kirby likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Twenty-one-yearold
Marianne Gregg feels the same way. Though Gregg is considerably lighter than Kirby, she
uses the “F word” freely when describing herself. According to Gregg, “I’m not necessarily curvy
and not chubby. I’m fat. I’m 220 pounds.”
Gregg and Kirby are part of a small but growing “fat acceptance” movement in the United
States where being fat is a physical characteristic to be celebrated. Members of this new
movement not only accept their bodies and embrace them. It’s okay for them to be fat as long
as their mental and spiritual health remains intact. They are not embarrassed by their size; they
are unconcerned how others might perceive them. Both women are actively trying to change
the diet-crazed culture “one fat girl at a time.” Kirby founded the website, and
recently authored a book entitled Lessons from the Fatosphere; Gregg writes a blog called
“Young, Fat and Fabulous” that is dedicated to plus-sized women pursuing careers in fashion.
But Gregg and Kirby have their critics. The National Action Against Obesity says that promoting
this type of lifestyle is “reckless” and can lead to dire health consequences. Rebecca Puhl, a
weight expert at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, agrees but
acknowledges that fad dieting can also lead to physical and psychological complications.
Although Gregg and Kirby have accepted their fatness, they are not against being physically
healthy. Quite the contrary, Gregg admits that she tries to eat a balanced diet and watch her
calorie intake, and Kirby remains active: jogging, roller skating, and doing Pilates and yoga. The
message that Gregg and Kirby want to convey is that being fat is fine. It does not mean that
they are lazy or smelly. Instead, they are just fat.
Organizational Behavior & Effectiveness Nelson/Quick, ORGB5
Discussion Questions – (Tip: Review Learning Objective (LO) 3-6)
Develop answers to the following questions. Your writing skills and grammatical abilities
along with a demonstration of understanding based on the chapter readings will be strongly

1. What role does weight play in your impression of others? Explain your reasoning.

2. Does your attribution of how a person became fat affect your perceptions? Explain

3. If, as the Hiring Manager, you had two candidates with almost identical credentials and
seemingly good organizational ‘fitness’, but one was (in your opinion) fit and the other was
over-sized; what factors would influence your decision concerning which candidate to
whom the position would be offered?

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