Criminal Justice Question

The Assigment is in the attached file and the discusson is Below :

Discussion Topic

This week we are learning about crimes against children and the various programs and laws that attempt to protect them.

Discussion #5:

This week presented information that may have been difficult to read over-child abduction and missing children cases are very emotional for all persons involved. Many process and programs have been implemented as a result of the recurring cases of child abductions and missing children-AMBER alerts, Megan’s Law, Jessica’s Law, and Code Adam for examples. Discuss each of these programs in particular-their importance, the practice and use of the programs, what you might have experienced with these programs (being in the store when a Code Adam is called, or you receive an AMBER alert on your phone). Also research and see if you can find one additional program that addresses issues of Missing or Abducted Children.

Remember-READ the instructions for writing a Discussion Board. Your initial post MUST BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS IN LENGTH; if shorter, you will be marked down. There is no limit to the length. YOU MUST RESPOND TO TWO CLASSMATES’ POSTS. Click on the post, then click on Add a Comment to respond. EACH of these two posts must be AT LEAST 200 WORDS IN LENGTH! You must include at least one citation and reference in your post in APA 7 format. If any evidence or data is used in responses to classmates, these must also be cited and referenced in the response. If no citation(s) and reference(s) points will be lost.

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