Policy Advocacy Activity Paper

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Policy Advocacy Activity Paper

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Students will identify a policy or an issue of concern, develop a policy advocacy plan to change a policy, its implementation, or to develop a new policy to address a social problem, students will complete the plan and write a paper describing their experience. Papers must take into account social work’s position on the policy issue, social work values, and ethics. The paper should include the following information and the provided headings should be used to organize the paper. Identification of the policy or issue of concern: Students will choose a local, state or national policy advocacy issue that is either of personal and/or professional interest to the student. Students may also identify a key social problem that is of interest them. Students will provide a detailed discussion as to why this policy or issue is an interest or concern to the student or to the public. Overview of the policy: Students will write an overview of the issue, including the impact on local community, state, and national levels, and providing reliable and current research regarding the policy or interest of concern. Research should include at least 3 scholarly professional journal articles. Students will include a discussion of the ethical obligation to advocate for human rights at the individual and system levels in terms of the chosen policy or issue of interest. Potential for Advocacy: Students will explore options for active involvement in policy advocacy for the chosen policy or issue (e.g. letter writing, making phone calls, fundraising, volunteering, educating others about the issue, creating a petition, etc. Students will then discuss which options are readily available to them. Policy Advocacy Plan: Students will discuss their advocacy goal and objectives towards reaching that goal, identifying a detailed step by step description of the process, including a timeline for completion of the activity. Students will explain how the planned activity corresponds with social work values, policy positions, and ethics. Students will explain strategies that will be used for advocacy with each stakeholder. Reflection and Conclusion: After completing the planned activity, students will reflect on their experience with activity, their feelings about the activity before, during, and after completion, and what they might do differently the next time. Students will also include a reflection about what they learned about themselves, what they learned about the process of policy advocacy, and what they learned about the issue. Finally, students will reflect on how the act of policy advocacy might advance social, economic, and environmental justice including information on the actual impact or result of the action. Attachments: Students will include an attachment to provide proof of completion (copy of letters written, statement from staff at agency, sign in list at education presentation etc.) The Policy Advocacy Activity Paper should be a minimum of 8 pages in length and a maximum of 10 pages in length (title and reference page not included in page count) using proper APA 6th Edition format and subheadings throughout the paper. An abstract should not be included.

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