2 pages philosophy homework

  1. Cover Letter
    1. Summarize some things you found most interesting about the course material, and some things you (still) do not understand.
      1. In particular, draw some connections between the ideas presented in the course and concepts from other courses or your own experiences.
      2. Did the course material help you better understand concepts from your other courses, or your own experiences? Why or why not?
      3. Which ideas do you think will be most useful for you? Which do you think you will remember the longest?
    2. If you were to start the course again, what would you do differently? What should the course do differently?
    3. Consider your comprehension of the course material, frequency of attendance and participation, and the quality of your writing: What grade do you think you deserve in the course, and why?

    these are the topics that we studied in the semester

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