Abdomen pain physical assessment, diagnostic plan,

week 5 posting

This week, complete the case study titled “Jerome Cauthen” write a 2-3 pages to answer the following questions using only peer -reviewed articles or evidence -based websites, NO patient or customer websites as reference. APA format.

Using the Case Study provided answer the following questions:

* What is your list of appropriate differential diagnoses and why?

* What is the final diagnosis and what assessment findings serve to support this? ( acute appendicitis is what I decided for final diagnosis )What are the specific auscultation palpation findings of the abdomen that are normal versus abnormal?

CASE STUDY information ;

Mr. Cauthen, a 22-year-old male, presents following the acute onset of diffuse midabdominal pain. He denies a history of gastrointestinal disease, hepatic or renal disease, previous abdominal surgery, or recent trauma. He does not use NSAIDs, aspirin, alcohol, or tobacco products.


Acute onset diffuse abdominal pain.

Most Significant Active Problem

*Rebound tenderness and guarding


Expert: Problem List Feedback

The problem list allows you to begin to see the overall, or unified, constellation of significant signs and symptoms. It is also the starting point for developing, and then ranking, your diagnostic hypotheses. The pertinent presence or absence of other critical signs and symptoms will aid your assessment of the severity of the presenting complaint and your assessment of potential comorbidities.

Mr. Cauthen’s problem list is brief and seemingly focused. Nonetheless, his symptoms are fairly nonspecific; his vital signs are normal; and, there are no other physical exam findings to help guide your differential diagnosis.

However, given that rebound tenderness suggests aggravation of the inflamed parietal peritoneum, you do have an important starting point. Your differential diagnosis should be broad enough to capture several processes that can present with signs of peritoneal inflammation in an otherwise healthy young male.

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