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After this learning plan, you know that the public police often collaborate with private security forces. In the readings and videos, you have seen how some of these partnerships have been successful.

Imagine that you are a new chief of police in a midsize city. Your city has seen the crime rate rise steadily, but the police department budget, and with it, the number of officers, has consistently dropped over the past few years. You know there are private security firms in town that might be able to help. But how willl you put together a partnership that will provide a safer environment for citizens? And how will you convince your mayor, the citizens of your town, and the police department that this solution will work well for them?

Prepare a presentation in which you make your case for the public police partnering with private security forces to reduce crime rates in your city. In your presentation, consider your audience. What objections are you likely to face from the various stakeholders–mayor, citizens, and police personnel? Include information in the presentation to counter these possible objections. You must also consider what you will do to ensure that professional standards are met and kept by private security personnel.

Your presentation should be 8-10 slides and must include cited scholarly information from the resources in this learning plan and other credible sources. Include Reference and Title Page slides formatted in APA style

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