realistic application of quantitative analysis

Based on methods and tools you learned in this course(Analytic Hierarchy Process, Decision Tree and Utility Theory, Game Theoryand Linear Programming, PERT and Critical Path Method, etc.), conduct a project for a realistic application of quantitative analysis to your business or personal decisions.The term paper for this project should include:

A one-page description of your problem and its importance (10%).

A one-page discussion of the solution procedure and the rationale (10%)

One or more pages of presentation of your results (40%)

critique, and possible expansion for the application (40%).

The term paper will be subjectively evaluated by the instructor on the basis of Important Note

Although similar, the term paper should be more sophisticated and realistic than a homework problem.If your term paper is about the same level of complexity as that of a homework problem, then you will get 60/100 at most.

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