film assignment

(1) Discuss two specific topics that you found interesting/learned from the film and (2) Connect each topic to specific concepts, theories, examples, or ideas from the assigned book chapter. Each homework assignment should be approximately two (2) pages double spaced in length (approximately one page per topic).

Paper Format: All uploaded assignments must be typed and double-spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.

Guiding questions (not required to answer):

  • Are the solutions posed in the film feasible?
  • Why do you think the United States has not more vigorously pursued school reform?
  • What other strategies including smaller classes and better-paid teachers, will help improve the learning of low-income students?
  • search the ” Kanopy”(it is a website) You can find the video “How to Fix Education: Heart, Head, and Hands”(33mins)
  • If you need the textbook, contact me, I will give you a link for that.

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