read the story and answer it.

“The Lottery” is the most famous American short story. You may discuss any topics about this story you wish, but be sure you have read your classmates’ posts before you post so there is no repetition. Please do not use “The Lottery” as title for your thread. Use something that will give us a hint towards what your post will be about. It’s also easier to navigate if you all follow this rule. Use textual evidence to back up anything you say.

For example: Someone might say, “The story seems to start out delightfully on a summer day.” Please refrain from replying to your classmates with posts like “I agree.” Be sure to say why you agree or disagree. Be a critical thinker and make sure your posts have depth. This is a large discussion board with many participants so please don’t flood the board with “unimportant” posts. It will save us all time.

Make every post count. We all have to read every single post. Everyone should create one new topic and reply to at least one of your classmates’ topics.

Information about the author, including her biography may be found here: (Please read her biography.) Here is a link so that you can read the story.

Other things to think about our talk about: When did you begin to feel that maybe winning the lottery was not a good thing? Symbolism plays a huge role in this story. Can you name the significance of a few of them? Watch “The Lottery” on YouTube: part 1 part 2 How do you view tradition? Do you find yourself doing things because you feel obligated, not necessarily because you believe in it or understand it? Why couldn’t they just stop doing the lottery? Where does this story take place?

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