Discussion 3

Question1: How did the religious “plurality” of India, as Michaels puts it, help define its society and political views?

Question 2: Why did the various forms of religiosity and religious tolerance help in sustaining India’s population? How was this view of ‘religious freedom’ different than perhaps what other religions may perceive as that freedom within the context of Hinduism?

Question 3: How did Hindu populations view missionaries or other religions that were so focused on conversions? What was understood within Indian society, more than even the social hierarchy, that allowed for a type of diversity with a Hindu message and context?

Part 1: Choose Terms from Topic-All Research Groups are given topics to research

for their presentations. Students must first narrow their topic down through

research to see which terms from the topics they wish to cover in the allotted time.

[For example, if your topic is Persia, one cannot cover all of Persia’s empire in 7-8

minutes. Therefore a narrow focus on Persia could be Persia’s military, or Persia’s

capitals and architecture, or Darius and Cyrus as rulers or the Failure of Xerxes

against Greece, etc. ] Groups must let instructor know of their intended

presentation focus and be cleared by the instructor with their focus.

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