Answer 7 questions in 2 or 3 sentences. Source attached

Answer these seven questions in 2 or 3 sentences from the source in pdf form I attached. The answers should only be from the pdf files I attached, so please do not use any other sources.

1. What strategic and domestic issues were at stake in the debate over American entry into the war?

2. Did the war consolidate or overturn New Deal reforms?

3. In what ways did the war generate economic opportunities and highlight issues of Civil War?

4. Which are more important to victory at Midway, planning or luck?

5. Why did the population of the West grow so rapidly during the war?

6. According to American leaders, what caused World War 2? how did their answers to that question affect their plans for post-war world?

7. Thurgood Marshall worried about the emergence of “gestapos” in America. What did he mean?

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