A Team Approach

Creativity and Innovation: A Team Approach

As you read this week, a creative product can be assessed from a variety of perspectives because of how difficult it can be to assess. The purpose of this activity is to go through the process of assessing creativity and innovation to further your understanding, but also to put into action your learning from last week on a team approach to creativity and innovation.



  • Review your selected teammate’s final assignment outline (from the Week 4 Discussion 2 forum).
  • Formulate any questions you might have about their outline as well as commendations, and write them down in a Word document.
    • It is important that you pay close attention to the Creativity and Innovation RubricView in a new window when conducting this part to ensure you have enough information to complete the rubric as a final step.
  • Meet with your teammate (either via phone, Skype, etc.) to discuss your questions and commendations and allow them to share theirs with you. Again, make sure you have enough information to accurately complete the rubric.
  • Using your peer’s outline and the information gathered during your meeting, complete the Creativity and Innovation Rubric based on this information.
    • Submit this rubric along with your questions and reflection (below).
  • In a one page Word document, summarize what you gained from this team approach.
  • Include the questions/commendations you crafted for your meeting with your teammate after your summation.

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