Assignment 7

For this Signature Assignment, incorporate the core concepts learned in this course to demonstrate an understanding of human resource management and its application to athletic administration.

Select an area of human resource management of interest to you and research this topic. Begin with a general review of literature. You can use resources from this class, but also include your own research based on your particular topic.

After you have supplied a general background with a review of literature, apply this topic to your athletic department at Hillside College.

Identify a challenge you might encounter related to human resource management and your specific topic. Briefly describe the challenge you are being faced with at Hillside. Then, use your skills and research as a vehicle to seek solutions to this issue. Describe your strategy and how it will affect your department. What are the outcomes you hope to achieve? What will you and your staff gain from this strategy? As always, discuss the mission and goals of your department and how this strategy supports them.

Length: 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages

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