ESSAY 2 Histroy


Express your views freely as there is no right or wrong view on the matter. Re-read and re-write your drafts as many times as possible. Your writing should be clear and exact. Each paragraph must include a main idea sentence and a supportive argument. Your essay must initially describe the subject in question and must conclude with your summarized view on the matter. Spelling matters. Grammar matters. Syntax matters. Cohesion of thought matters. Argumentation matters. Originality matters.

Essay Topic

Human innovation was both a cause and a result of the civilizational process. As societies became organized under different structures and arrangements, another social innovation appeared: organized warfare. The tribal need to survive by attacking its neighbors gave way to well-planned and well organized warfare. War, it seems, has contributed as much to human civilization as have innovations like writing, religion and government. 1,000 words, +/- 50).

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