marketing communications campaign paper

Instructions. Following the assignment specifics below, create a marketing communications campaign that promotes Taiwan President Pharmaceutical Corporation’s the My Beauty Diary facial mask in U.S.A. The introductory section of your paper must describe this business in enough detail for me to understand exactly what you intend to do to earn a profit. All of the following sections are required for your report, which will be a minimum of ten (10) double-spaced numbered pages using 12-point font with 1-inch margins on all four edges to qualify for maximum credit. This includes everything except the cover sheet. You can either include visual displays in Appendices at the end of the text or embed them within the paper, but you must be consistent whichever method you pick. This is a basic standard that does not mean you will receive maximum credit; the final grade for this project will be based on how well your content addresses the following six areas.

Written reports are required to be grammatically correct based on standard English. A cover sheet should include the following information: (1) The project title including the name of your business; (2) on the next line the words “Submitted By:” then your complete name with middle initial; (3) spaced down a few lines, the course name (Advertising) and number (MKT 3362 XTIA); (4) on the next line below that, the semester (T3 Spring 2017), and finally (5) the instructor’s name (Dr. William T. Neese) on the last line. You should make the cover sheet look balanced. Do not number the cover page.

The body of the report should be numbered beginning with the first page of the actual text. A Table of Contents is not required but may be included at the student’s discretion. Headings and subheadings are required, and should be included at appropriate places throughout the paper. Use a standard 12-point font; serif or sans serif is acceptable, but unusual, decorative, or odd font styles that are difficult to read are to be avoided and may receive a grade penalty. Be consistent throughout the document. Inconsistencies in margins, fonts, line spacing, indent levels, etc. will be interpreted as a lack of required editing and will result in a grade penalty. Remember: there is a difference between a formal business report and the way advertising is laid-out, written, and produced.

Plagiarism will be checked. A Reference section must be included for the sources you use. In general, a well-cited paper of this type and length should have between seven (7) and ten (10) outside sources. Most of these will be for the background research, but not necessarily all of them. Keep in mind your business idea and subsequent promotional campaign must be grounded in reality; vague or poorly-stated notions and unsupported personal opinions (e.g., related to your desired target market) are unacceptable and will receive low scores.

The following sections are required for your written report.

(1) Background research using library databases and the Internet must be conducted on the broad environment in which your organization operates, including global, national, and regional trends that are likely to affect its future operations; research must identify and describe the target market.

(2) Present a hypothetical budget broken down by media using data in the textbook and library databases or other online search engines, and discuss why your budget is feasible. This budget must include short-term expenditures as well as projections for the next three-to-five years. Students should discuss this in paragraph form and include a visual display in an exhibit (see textbook examples). It is probably a good idea to do this step in conjunction with #4 below (media).

(3) Creative concepts must be based on target market research, to be expressed in written paragraph form in the report as well as a minimum of one rough print ad and one television commercial laid out in storyboard form. Both print roughs and TV storyboards are discussed in the textbook. Creative concepts must be demonstrated visually in the final project report, which must also include suggested website content based on textbook discussion and determined through student research.

(4) A media plan written in paragraph form must be included in the final report, detailing specific media vehicles for the traditional component plus a comprehensive social media platform (social media is required). Other types of media (e.g., out-of-home) should be considered when designing the comprehensive media mix. Plans for drawing visitors to the organization’s website must also be described, in addition to how that website will interact or function with social media. Students are required to visually display their media plans using the graphical style (i.e., flowchart) highlighted in the textbook.

(5) Students must also describe how their advertising plan integrates (fits) with the other elements of the promotion mix (i.e., public relations, sales promotions, and personal selling). Detailing legitimate methods for generating positive Word-of-Mouth (WOM) will improve the student’s grade. Use the basic principles of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) discussed in our textbook to guide this section of the written report and presentation.

(6) Finally, students must outline their plan for how to evaluate the success (or failure) of the IMC campaign being proposed, including the budget dedicated to this portion of the campaign. This must include specific, measurable objectives as discussed in the textbook.

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