Professional Development Activity

Professional Development Activity

Go to the American Payroll Association’s website at:

Explore the site and see what the Association has to offer. You should pay particular attention to the information regarding certifications, education, resources, and careers.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Discuss the potential benefits of membership in the American Payroll Association.
  2. Identify the benefits of the Certified Payroll Professional certification for payroll specialists in the accounting profession.
  3. Discuss opportunities for education and training, and the certifications offered by this professional organization.

American Payroll Association. Retrieved from

Can you make comment below # 1 to 2 ?

1 From: Tyler Cugino posted Jul 8, 2018 3:14 PM

I found the American Payroll Association site very informative and packed with a lot of good information. I feel that a membership with the American Payroll Association would be very beneficial because of the tremendous amount of information and tolls it offers. This membership will provide people with as much up to date payroll information that they will ever need. They also offer payroll conferences, seminars, payroll resource texts, and certifications. They take pride in their members as well by seeking recognition for their work and representing them.

The benefits of the Certified Payroll Professional certification for payroll specialists in the accounting profession is that it will allow you to do more in the accounting field. This certification will allow you more knowledge into being a payroll specialist and allow for your company and customers to see you have the capabilities to do their payroll. Being able and allowed to do these new tasks will open many more doors for you in the accounting field and will ultimately lead to more money.

The American Payroll Association offers many opportunities for education, training, and certificates to their members. These opportunities allow their members to advance in their career and become more trust worthy with their clients. The American Payroll Association offers training programs, seminars, webinars and forums to discuss up to date information about payroll. Achieving these certificates and new knowledge will allow for their members to become more important to the company because they can offer more services for the company they are working for.


American Payroll Association. (2018). Retrieved from

2 From: Christina Watson posted Jul 7, 2018 6:58 PM

Hello Professor and class,

I have researched the American Payroll Association’s (APA) website previously and I find it to be a very informative and beneficial website. I have found there are many benefits of obtaining a membership. Some of these benefits include training for its members on the most efficient and effective ways of processing payroll as well as performing other duties within an organization that a professional may be assigned. It offers the opportunity to connect and network with numerous other individuals, including experts in the field. The association publishes articles and other resources that are useful to its members and are generally located in the library. There are forms and links located in the resource library that can be beneficial to members. APA assists its members in ensuring they are compliant with current laws and regulations.

The APA offers different levels of certification exams to its members. The two levels of certification include certified payroll professional (CPP) and fundamental payroll certification (FPC). Benefits of obtaining a certification by the association include being qualified to perform payroll duties as well as payroll management since they meet all the requirements. Becoming certified through the APA enhances your qualifications for performing payroll functions.

APA offers various education opportunities to its members to increase their knowledge on payroll operations as well as its management. The association provides training programs, seminars, webinars and forums to discuss the developments in payroll and its impact on their professional duties for its members. APA also offers training and exams on payroll to its members, in which passing the examination, a member can become certified by the association. APA members can utilize these benefits to gain more knowledge in payroll administration and management and improve their performance significantly, which contributes to their success and the success of any organization they perform duties for.


American Payroll Association. (2018). Retrieved from

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