Biology Question

Final project Assignment


The final project for the lab will consist of a literature research paper. The topic of your research will be on the natural history and biology of any organism of your choice. I prefer that you narrow your research to an organism that occurs locally (native or introduced, NOT just at the zoo).


Potential sources of ideas for organisms to present can be found by searching the web for Southern California native plants or endemic species or marine organisms, or any combination that leads you in the direction you want to go. If you want to talk about an organism that has been introduced, you can search SoCal invasive plants, insects, birds, mammals, etc.


  • Length must be no less than 5 pages double spaced.
  • Include a picture of your organism at the end of your report. Note this should be an additional page ( 6th page)
  • Full Linnaean classification (taxonomy – K P C O F G s)
  • Where it is placed in the phylogenetic tree
  • Description
  • Life history
  • Where it is found
  • What it eats
  • Life cycle stages, breeding habits, etc
  • You must include at least three academic (preferably more) source of information (i.e. from the library). Academic means a scientific article or book written by a scientist and that was reviewed by other scientists (peer-reviewed), not from a popular magazine such as National Geographic or Discovery.Make sure you cite your sources where you. Remember in Biology we always use the CSE format when citing references. Websites for your information sources will not do, unless it is for an online peer-reviewed journal.
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    ➢ Format for reference section:

    – Journal article:

    o Author last name, first initial (for each author).Year.Article title.Journal title.vol#(issue#):page#s.

    – Book:

    o Author last name, first initial (for each author).Year.Chapter title in Book title.Publisher name, place.Page#.

    – Format for citation on slide: 1 author – (Smith 1984);

    2 authors – (Smith & Jones 1984);

    + 2 authors – (Smith et al. 1984)

  • Cite your sources for your images on or under the image (small font is ok).You can say ©John Smith, or something like that, rather than the whole Wikipedia link, if that is where you get them from. EvaluationThepoints for your research paper will be equally divided among the followingfactors: ·
  • factual accuracy · apparent depth of research · sources beyond the internet · CSE format
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